Our Vets

With their years of experience and friendly disposition, you are certain to receive the best care and treatment for your pet. All of our veterinarians are dedicated to the wellbeing of our patients.

Dr. John Watts BVSc (Hons) (Melbourne, 1991) PhD (Melb. 1998) Diplomate ECAR (Europe, 2004) MRCVS
Registered Specialist in Small Animal Reproduction
Dr John Watts is the owner of the practice and our reproduction specialist in small animals. He graduated with honours in Veterinary Science from The University of Melbourne in 1991, after which he worked in private practice and at the R.S.P.C.A. until 1994.  He then obtained extra training by completing a PhD on “Uterine Function and Dysfunction in bitches” from 1994 until 1998 at The University of Melbourne.  Diseases of the uterus are very common and serious illnesses of dogs, this work resulted in the development of many new techniques and greatly improved understanding of such diseases.  As a result of these studies, he has received awards and was a finalist in the Young Australian of the YearAwards, Science and Technology section in 1997.  He then travelled and lived in the U.K. for 18 months, working at The Royal Veterinary College, University of London and in private practice in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Essex.  He is involved in difficult cases in the clinic and of course reproduction patients.

Dr. Kate Ward BVSc (Hons)
(Melbourne University, 2005) MANZCVS
Kate has returned to Wyndham Veterinary Clinic after working for two years in Sydney. While she was in Sydney she picked up a new little furry friend named “Doogie”, a female tortoiseshell cat (pictured). Kate is interested in all aspects of internal medicine and is currently completing a masters degree in this area.


Dr. Roshni Kalyanji BVSc
(Melbourne University, 2008)
Roshni, like a few of our vets, did work placement with us during her studies and joined our team promptly after graduating.
The combination of medicine and surgery, along with her love of animals, is what prompted Roshni to become a veterinarian.
In her spare time, Roshni enjoys spending time with her young family.
Roshni is currently on maternity leave


Dr. En Lim BVSc
(Melbourne University, 2010)
En joined our team at Wyndham Veterinary Clinic in early 2013. She has a permanent foster named ‘Sweetie’ which she spends most of her free time cuddling. She is always enjoying a good mixture of surgical and medical cases and she strives to be an all-rounded veterinarian.



Dr. Erin Bonawitz DVM
(Ross University USA, 2008)
Erin joined our team in October 2013 after working at a small animal practice in Melton for several years.  Originally from the United States, Erin graduated from Ross University in 2008, completing her clinical studies at the University of Pennsylvania.  Erin enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine which is what drew her to general practice where she can see many different cases day to day, but in particular her main interests are in medicine, surgery, ophthalmogy, dermatology, and diagnostic imaging.  Erin’s house is a busy one with a large furry family of 4 cats and 2 dogs as well as her husband and two young sons, having recently welcomed a new baby boy.  Much like her human family, her furry family is also blended as three of her cats (Crashes, Siri, Anarchy) travelled with her from America and her other three pets are Aussie (Flash, Frankie, Friday – pictured).  Erin also enjoys travelling, getting outside with her family, barracking at the footy (Go Bulldogs!), DIY home improvement, and a good BBQ

Dr. Danae Noitakis BVSc
(University of Sydney, 2013)
Danae joined the clinic in April 2014 after she graduated from the University of Sydney in December 2013. She enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine and surgery and comes to work every day with a big smile on her face. Originally from France, she has traveled the four corners of the world before deciding to permanently settle in Melbourne. She lives with her mischievous little cat Tiki that she adopted from the clinic. Outside of work, Danae enjoys spending time at the beach, kitesurfing and other beach related activities.

Dr. Angela Harris BVSc (Hons)
(Melbourne University, 2005)
Angela started at Wyndham in December, 2014 after leaving a senior veterinary position in Sunbury. She graduated with honours 10 years ago from the University of Melbourne receiving the Surgery prize for that year as well as the large animal Clinical Review prize. She has pursued post graduate studies in Emergency Medicine, Surgery and is currently completing an Internal Medicine course. She loves the challange of veterinary science in general but surgery is her main interest.
She married her husband, a paramedic, in April of 2015 and has her fur kids, two burmese ‘Riff’ and ‘Raff’ who spend most of their lives under the doona.
Outside of work she races for a top Queensland adventure racing team (mixing up mountain biking, kayaking, and running with orienteering), generally racing through bush over 24 to 48hrs at a time (there is no sleeping!).  In between she runs trail marathons, mountain bikes and is often seen paddling out on the bay.

Dr. Karmen Fong BVSc
(Melbourne University, 2013)
Karmen joined the team back in November 2015, after working as a small animal vet in both Singapore and Malaysia. She loves all aspects of her work especially surgery and emergency medicine. Karmen is in the midst of learning more about reproduction from Dr John Watts. She has completed a course in avian and small mammal medicine and is currently enrolled in a small animal nutrition course.
Being a foodie at heart, she spends most of her free time in the kitchen with her mischievous little “helper”, Taro (pictured). She also enjoys catching up with the latest TV shows and working on little projects around the house. Karmen has adopted two other fur babies, Nori and Mr Murmur since joining us.

Dr. Adrian Bryce BVSc
(James Cook University, 2014)
Adrian joined the team in April 2016 after working in a mixed practice in New Zealand. Adrian enjoys working up complicated medicine cases but not without a good cup of coffee in hand. He has a specific interest in ultrasonography and is currently completing a graduate certificate in small animal ultrasound. In his free time, he enjoys catching up with friends and family, surfing and finding the next Harry Potter related event around town. Adrian is definitely a hipster and he knows it.

Dr. Collette Berryman BVSc (Hons)
(Melbourne University, 2011)
Collette joined the clinic in 2016 after working in both small animal clinics in Melbourne and mixed practice in rural NSW. Collette has a particular interest in feline medicine and successfully completed a post-graduate course in this area in 2015. She is also interested in reptiles and loves going to both feline and exotic animal conferences. Outside of work Collette enjoys spending her time baking, eating good food, travelling and catching up with friends. As well as looking after numerous foster kittens, Collette shares her home with her partner and their ‘kids’ Bentley (one-eyed ginger DSH; pictured), Munstar (rescued kelpie), George and Terry (bearded dragons), and Olive (carpet python).

Dr Rachael Llewellyn AVBS (hons), GC-EMCC, DVM

Rachael joined Wyndham Veterinary Clinic in 2016 after working in emergency and referral centres in Melbourne and Brisbane. She has a strong interest in emergency and critical care, as well as internal medicine. She lives with two English Cocker Spaniels – Maisy and Safina – and a cheeky Devon Rex named Trim.



Dr. Natasha Underwood BVSc
(Nottingham University, 2012)
Tash graduated from Nottingham university in the UK in 2012 and spent the first three years of her veterinary career working as a mixed practice vet in her home country of Wales before making the big move to Australia in 2015. She has a special interest in small animal surgery and enjoys the working relationships formed with owners and their pets over time. Tash loves being outdoors and spends her spare time hiking and exploring all Victoria has to offer.