Charging of revisits

At Wyndham Veterinary Clinic, we are committed to getting your animal better in a cost effective manner. We are unique, as we do not charge a fee for a revisit consultation if it is with the same vet within a specified time frame which is usually within 2 weeks of the first visit. We do this so that we can make sure the animal has improved and we can monitor our treatment efficacy.

How this works
The way this works is that the vet will check your animal until it is better and there will be no charge for it if it is for the same vet. We usually want you to see the same vet as it will allow the best treatment result. The vet will suggest a time for the next check up. At this visit, we will not charge another consultation fee. We will only charge for medication and the procedures performed each time.

For example if a blood test or an examination of the cells from the ear cytology or skin is required, there will be a charge for that. Ear infections always require an examination of the cells from the ear to ensure they have resolved. Simply looking at the ear is not accurate enough.

Once your pet is given the all clear, then you will be advised that no further checks are required and the revisits are finished.

For ongoing conditions, your pet will require a full check up with the vet every 6 months, you will be charged a revisit consultation at this visit.

A full consultation fee applies if:
You require a further examination after the revisits are finished
You do not return for the scheduled revisit until after the recommended time frame
Your animal is seen for a different condition or injury
You request a written prescription for medication